Paper Planes & Kites

by love ryan

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"Paper Planes and Kites" Ephesians 4:14-16

The title speaks about each and every person. Some are paper planes and others are kites. Paper planes allow themselves to be pushed back and forth. They have nothing to ground them and as a result are lost in the wind. While a kite, also made of paper, can be tossed to and fro but are tied down and never stray far from the stay that they are tied to. With this album, Elijah wanted to share different songs that portray a person who is tied down and shows that he's not ashamed to be on a leash.


released November 28, 2014

Written by Ryan Elijah Wiggins and Various Artist
Production by WKNDMusic with additional production by Q-Pon
Mixed and Mastered by Q-Pon of qponproductions

Primarily I want to give thanks to my Father in heaven. I would like to thank everybody involved with the forming of this project. It took a lot of refining and rewriting to share exactly what I feel God has placed on my heart to give to the public. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me by way of encouragement, finance or even just by listening to what I've shown you and giving me feedback. Lastly, I want to thank all of those who will support this project. Thank you for helping this weirdo push the kingdom forward. God bless you and yours!



all rights reserved


love ryan San Antonio, Texas

I hope that through my music you can see Christ in more ways than what you're used to.

~May the best of your past be the worst of your future~

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Track Name: Passing Notes (feat. Brittany Cantu)
Passing Notes

[Verse 1: Elijah Wiggins]
You never listen unless I write you a ballad
an ode to before you tossed me no salad
you're just to busy taking notes on how to act Italian
but the tv wont prepare you for what happens
laid it out on the table
I was stable there in a stable
faithful to the ungrateful
I told your mom to cut the cable
umbilical chord
simply put you were just bored
that's why you need a company
but I'm not down for 3
now I'm reciting Christon Gray
School of Roses and people think that I'm going gray
feel the crash of emotions kinda like oceans in the bay
we're not in the same state so you don't hear the wind blowing
were in the same class though
young ignorant people that pass notes
and the last note I wrote you didn't make the display box
just a little something do when you take shots

I'm just passing notes now
everything is falling down
so stop and wait and pray

[Verse 2: Brittany Cantu]
It seems like you only love me when the night falls
and it all falls down around then you call
like I'm your savior
but I can't save myself
I thought the devil was the only thing that gives me hell
I guess I was wrong what a shocker to you
when was the last time I really put a shock in you
I don't know how to please you anymore
and every time I talk you threaten me with the door
when this started it was perfect
every chance you got you would say that I'm worth it
made it look beautiful like writing in cursive
but now all I really hear is the Curses
well curses is all you want right
alright I think it's time for this flower to die
beauty and beast we're on the last rose peddle
I feel like it should have been settled

I'm just passing notes now
everything is falling down
so stop and wait and pray

[Verse 3: Elijah Wiggins]
66 letters of love and they're extensive
all you really want is the best and If I listen
to you then all those notes that I passed will be resolved
I really love the fact that you get involved in my world
all these people keeping me twirled and and curled up
whirlwind of people showing a fake love
when all the real is found in the God that made us
notice on my door that you came to take up
my care unaware of much it cost you
I act like my feeling are like a huge rock to you
but they're the small pebbles
7 habits of Christian that's casting out devils
Caste care pray without ceasing
give more then the weekend
give more in the seasons were it feels like you wanna give up
you can put it on a dollar but that's not enough
he wants to hear you say it in God We Trust
Track Name: High

[Chorus: Elijah Wiggins]
I think I'm gonna fly today |
nothing will stand in my way |
I'm reaching high today |
reaching for heavens gates |

[Verse 1: Elijah Wiggins]
Paper planes might fly in the sky with the kites well alright |
but the shadows can't eclipse what's been tied to the light |
even when the night falls see the moon take a stance |
see this love that I have is not a summer romance |
but I dance though tell me why your hands low |
tell me what you're missing because there's nothing he can't do |
woah that's real talk look at where he said it |
all the rumors and the gossip really oughta be deaded |


[Verse 2: Elijah Wiggins]

Whichever way that wind blows |
my God already tied me |
when I feel all of my wins low |
I know I matter to my family |
and I Stefan on em |
that's urkel with urcle knowledge |
we all fail that's basic knowledge |
yeah life's hard but let me keep it honest |
I know I know a man that can save you from this |
he's so he's so he's so he's so dope don't need a spliff |
and he give himself an offering homeboy was just a gift |
the greatest gift of all he died so that we all could live |

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Draw Nigh
Draw Nigh

[Verse 1: Elijah Wiggins]
Love notes
she go
so far but it's been so so
wanna be a pimp so he need a cold
always looking for the girl that pose for photos
and she the type
who don't like 4 doors
she into to dudes with coupes
with two dudes in the coup
ride around town feeling loose
dang her mom don't care
dad was never there
what she really wants is love
but she don't know where
to get so she figures it's with him and
broken promises take the love deep and
it don't depend
on what God wants for her life
she thinks God's alright
let him into her life
but wasn't really looking to the light
so when she headed out every night
she's gone with his team
and they choo choo
but that's something she's used to
if only she knew who
loves her
with love that covers everything done undercover

[Chorus: Elijah Wiggins]
It's alright it's alright
there are no conditions you just need to call him tonight
Arms are stretched out wide
you just need to draw nigh

[Verse 2: Elijah Wiggins]
Love is patient love is kind
love will give you Time
love will give you that warning
love will give that sign
love will even die just to see you up in that sky
you can ask Christ
love won't hold you under water
when you feel the love that got me caught up
you'd be caught up to
something about a love that's so unconditional
to where no matter what you do
he will still have love for you
you just gotta make a move
he's waiting for it
I've been praying for it
the door is open
he's just waiting for you to run in
and once you step in
You will catch the love that you've been fishin for

Track Name: Same Ol' Same Old
Same Old, Same Old

[Verse 1:Elijah Wiggins]
I feel like life is moving slow now |
if that's the case I figure I need to slow down |
I'm tryna see my dream of rocking whole crowds |
but the vision gets blurred because of who I know now |
the people I work with have the faith in me |
honestly there's no testing me |
God handled the recipe |
so the doubt should rest in peace |
rest in peace |
I'm tryna make sure that all my word is bond |
I'm preaching to the choir and still ain't called my mom |
and I wouldn't be surprised if she ain't heard a single song |
cuz when she does hear it she can be proud of her son |
look momma I made this look at how God changed this |
little boy to a grown man I guess that's part of his plan |

[Chorus: Elijah Wiggins]
I can't see it all no I can't see all |
but I'm still walking |
even if I fall yea I get up and |
This road just goes on and on and on |
with no stopping |
it goes on and on and on |

[Verse 2: Elijah Wiggins]
To much is given much is taken |
waiting in the wings while making |
advancement of the roller-coast |
my life is on and settling in the southern coast |
tryin hard not to boast on me |
hold all the |
applause and reprimand just hold my hand |
have free will but need captain |
caption this photo and make it pronto |
I know people from Toronto like hearing the skeletons |
let me bring them out |
sometimes I pray for drought |
in others so they can see without |
being blinded by success and all |
the steps involved |
in declining true talent |
then I check myself and try to find true balance |
but who's counting the times I do |
or the times I lose |
nobody it's just me here |
am I scared a lil maybe quite a bit I'm feeling kinda sick |
I think I wanna quite |
but there's people out there counting me |
even if right now it's lowkey |
not tryna be my brothers Loki |
so show love show love til loves shown to me |